“Audition” – Ben’s Spooky October

I’ll keep this one brief, because it’s simply impossible to talk at-length about Audition without ruining its surprises. Here’s the basic premise: a widowed husband tries to find a new companion by interviewing various women in auditions for a fake movie. Simple enough, right? The first half of the movie then unfolds as an awkward rom-com of sorts, only for some red flags to be raised as it slowly but surely transforms into an uncomfortable fever-dream the likes of which you’ve never seen.

This transformation of tone that occurs between Audition’s first and final scenes is wild enough to make even Parasite blush. The film’s final fifteen minutes are surely what will you remember walking out of the theater, featuring a scene so horribly disgusting and unwatchable that it admittedly scars me to this day. However, the real joys (or terrors) lie in the build-up to this moment, as Audition gradually reveals its hand prior to this finale in a way that is nothing short of masterful.

But enough of my tip-toeing around spoilers. Would I wholeheartedly recommend this movie to everybody? Absolutely, positively not. Audition is an experience so wholly unique and disturbing that I would only recommend it to the horror obsessive in search of something different. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, then brace yourself: Audition will leave you sprawled across the floor.

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