“Tenet” Review


This review is completely spoiler-free and vague. Photo credit: Warner Bros. Tenet should be a movie that works. After all, this is one of the best directors in the world operating on territory that he has perfected before, essentially combining the time-bending trickery of Memento with the espionage action sequences of Inception. Unfortunately, Tenet is … Continue reading “Tenet” Review

Why You Should Watch “Atlanta” – Ben Watches TV


Photo credit: FX [Surprise: I’m doing TV reviews! These will take the form of spoiler-free elevator pitches, where I basically just recommend and give an overview of some of my favorite shows. Hope you enjoy. And don't worry, movies aren't going anywhere.] An IMDb page or Hulu description of Atlanta will promise something far different … Continue reading Why You Should Watch “Atlanta” – Ben Watches TV

“In the Heights” Review

Photo credit: Warner Bros. Everybody you see on-screen during In the Heights deserved better. For all the faults the movie has, absolutely none can be attributed to the work of its actors and dancers, who manage to invigorate each scene with joy whenever possible. The movie's leading man, Anthony Ramos, carries such screen presence that … Continue reading “In the Heights” Review

“WandaVision”: Complete Series Review

Photo credit: Disney WandaVision ultimately has me pretty torn. I was this show's biggest proponent for most of its season, holding it up as proof that Marvel was unafraid to branch out and tell character-driven stories in a creative way. This partly holds true; WandaVision certainly does a great job of fleshing out Wanda and … Continue reading “WandaVision”: Complete Series Review