“WandaVision”: Complete Series Review

Photo credit: Disney WandaVision ultimately has me pretty torn. I was this show's biggest proponent for most of its season, holding it up as proof that Marvel was unafraid to branch out and tell character-driven stories in a creative way. This partly holds true; WandaVision certainly does a great job of fleshing out Wanda and … Continue reading “WandaVision”: Complete Series Review

Why You Should Watch “Atlanta” – Ben Watches TV

Photo credit: FX [Surprise: I’m doing TV reviews! These will take the form of spoiler-free elevator pitches, where I basically just recommend and give an overview of some of my favorite shows. Hope you enjoy. And don't worry, movies aren't going anywhere.] An IMDb page or Hulu description of Atlanta will promise something far different … Continue reading Why You Should Watch “Atlanta” – Ben Watches TV