I’m Ben. I watch things sometimes. Actually, I watch things all the time.

My relationship with movies is inseparable from the internet. Sure, moviegoing was always a hobby that I thoroughly enjoyed, but it was only after I started spending countless hours on IMDb or watching video essays that moviegoing became my true passion. Movies were no longer two-hour escapes; movies became experiences with a duration that extended long before and after I left the theater. However, nothing sparked my passion more than reviews of movies. My exposure to different forms of film criticism not only opened up my eyes to the sheer number of movies that release each year, but also the varying perspectives and questions that each movie arouses. Can ambiguous endings ever be satisfying? Are comic-book movies poisoning Hollywood? Are predictable movies capable of breaking convention? The thing that makes film criticism so interesting is that there is no “right” or “wrong” when it comes to many of these questions. As a result, movies are practically begging to be further analyzed or discussed, and talking about movies is the best form of justice.

This blog will be my personal place to do just that. In addition to reviewing the movies I see throughout the year, I plan on covering basically anything movie-related that piques my interest. This can range from different forms of Top 10 lists, reviews of classic movies, or my thoughts on any piece of movie news. Heck, maybe I’ll throw in a review of the sporadic TV show as well (it is Ben Watches Things, after all.) As I previously alluded to, none of my reviews will be “right” (I absolutely guarantee that there will be a couple that you’ll think are wrong,) but that’s besides the point. I aim at giving you nothing but my candid opinions, but even more important than that, I aim at having my passion flow through my writing in hopes that it can arouse your enthusiasm in the same way that other blogs impacted me.

So, yes, this is my blog. This is the beginning of a journey, and while I’m not sure where it will lead me, I hope you that join me and find it to be fun, casual, and worthwhile; I’ll be sure to strive for nothing less.

9 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Ben, you’ve been a reliable ‘go to’ source on movies for years. We’ll look forward to following you in writing!


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